Partnership Opportunities

Why partner with WAA?

Woodland Anesthesiology Associates’ mission to provide state-of-the-art, safe and cost-effective anesthesia is the hallmark to our successful story and a key reason for why leading institutions have decided to partner with us.

If you are looking for a high-quality anesthesia partner for your hospital, health system or surgery center, we offer:

  • The highest record of professionalism, compassion, and reliability
  • Leading-edge experience and innovation with the latest in anesthesia techniques and protocols
  • Top tier patient safety and satisfaction with an impressive track record of clinical outcome
  • Unrivaled level of efficiency with growth potential for our affiliates
  • An owner-operated practice free from corporate or shareholder influence
  • Firm maintenance to healthcare standards of care and ASA guidelines for patient safety
  • Proficient team that delivers patient-focused care and 24/7 top rated coverage
  • Commitment to developing long-term relationships with our partners and affiliates
  • Well established and highly respected group that can work with your medical personnel and management staff as one team
  • Effective leadership and well-honed decision-making process
  • Diverse group with experts in every sub-specialty to serve a wide variety of specialized patient population

We strive to form a true partnership with our partners, aligning our services to achieve your goals.

We recognize that as anesthesiologists, we need not only provide outstanding clinical care to your patients, but also be sensitive to the needs of our surgeons and facility administrators.  This belief has helped develop deep relationships among WAA leadership, providers and our partners. 

We always listen intently to new ideas and suggestions and thrive to understand any shortcomings so that strategies can be developed—and solutions found—to make our anesthetic services more responsive to the needs of patients, surgeons and management. 

If you would like to request a proposal, please click here or contact us with any questions.

Frank Rosenberg

Franklin Rosenberg, MD 
President, Woodland Anesthesiology Associates, PC
Chief, Department of Anesthesiology
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Phone: (860) 714-9666
Fax: (860) 714-8110

Bill Witkowsky
Chief Operating Officer
Woodland Anesthesiology Associates, PC
Phone: (860) 714-6654
Fax: (860) 714-8110

Bill Witkowsky
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